OSCON Already?

I saw Dawn’s post about her Art of Community session tomorrow, and realized that not only is it already the week of OSCON, but I really ought to tell people about the things I’m participating in. How did we get to the middle of July already?

Wednesday (that’s today) at 5:20 I’m moderating a panel called Tools for Local Communities. We’ll be talking about our local open source groups and communities (spanning the US, Brazil, and Latvia) and what we’ve learned about making them go.

Tonight, I’m participating in FOSCON 2008, Cooking With Ruby, which starts at 6pm at CubeSpace. The highlight of the evening is a web frameworks cookoff between Ruby on Rails, PHP, Seaside, and Drupal. We’ll also have a fun set of lightning talks by local Rubyists.

Then tomorrow, I’m giving a lightning talk at the Art of Community session called “Friendly Anarchy”, about what I’m learned from participating in pdx.rb.

I’ll also be helping staff the pdx.rb booth in the exhibit hall, so stop by and say hello.

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