Busy Girl

So busy I haven’t updated my blog since May.

Since the last post: I co-organized Ignite Portland 3.
I staffed the pdx.rb booth at RailsConf.
I’ve been participating in biweekly Calagator code sprints (we’re hoping to have our 1.0 release in just a couple weeks).
I set up a few local Labyrinth training sessions for The Lost Ring, an ongoing ARG.
And then there’s the day job. No wonder I’m feeling exhausted and a little burned out.

What’s up for July?
Finishing the Calagator 1.0 roadmap.
OSCON. (I’m leading a panel on Tools for Local Communities and I need more participants. Know anyone doing interesting things with their local open source group? Send ’em my way.)
A trip to the coast with Lucas to celebrate our fifth (!!!) anniversary. (Mom, can you catsit while we’re gone? It’s .. um, this weekend.)
My birthday is next week, which means I need to make more than vague plans if I want anyone to come do stuff with me … pub crawl on the 19th, anyone? (wishlist here if you were wondering).
Getting WhereCamp PDX planning off the ground.
Playing with my new camera.
Five-zillion other unfinished projects I am likely to forget.

In August? I plan to sleep. A lot. And stare blankly at the ceiling.

2 responses to “Busy Girl

  1. Wow. Sounds like a busy time ahead for yah. I’ve got somewhat of a similar schedule in the sense that, July will be extremely busy for me, but in August I have nothing planned and nothing I really need to do…I am SO looking forward to sleeping and relaxing that month away!

  2. Ah…sleep. That’s one of my hobbies!