The Daily Brain Report

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One of my favorite blogs right now is The Runcible Bin, because each post is a small brain-dump of what the author is working on and thinking about. If I were to do such a thing, today’s would look like:

The Lost Ring!

Now that MetroFi officially gave up, can we have Meraki instead?

Calagator. Now with fewer memory leaks caused by bad parser code (vpim. again.).

If I said I’d give a presentation on fun with location tracking next week, does that mean I’ll actually manage to build a working demo in time?

Julia Nunes is the best cure for a grouchy morning.

2 responses to “The Daily Brain Report

  1. How about Personal Telco for our local, “grassroots” wifi?

  2. Absolutely, Personal Telco should be a partner in whatever the city ends up doing. But someone has to provide network access at the other end of the router, and MetroFi was offering both parts (for free! on an apparently faulty business model!).

    I like the Meraki mesh networking idea because you can cover a bigger area, even if it’s just individuals sharing their home bandwidth. There’s a group called Free The Net SF already doing this in San Francisco. But I don’t think it’s a one-or-the-other kind of thing. Personal Telco could help people deploy Meraki routers at home and in their own neighborhoods.