Local Funding Workshop

This might be of interest to fellow side-projecteers: the Portland State Business Accelerator is having a workshop next week called Advanced Invention to Venture, to help people learn how to fund their idea. It’s not just about venture capital, and covers several options. I’m also happy to see this in the description: “Focuses on how to successfully implement the new venture rather than on how to write a business plan.” Chris Dawson of Box Populi says it was a very useful experience and his team will be returning more at this year’s workshop. This is happening May 28-31 at the Portland State Business Accelerator offices in SW Portland.

One response to “Local Funding Workshop

  1. Hmm — business planning seems to have gotten a bad image. That’s unfortunate, because biz plans (if done right) are a good thing for at least 4 reasons:

    1. Y0u need one to get funding from an investor or a bank (and you’re likely to need at least one of those at some point).

    2. Developing a plan is an excellent exercise for team building and for creating a shared vision (and shared vision has to do with more than just the product).

    3. If you don’t think through the business (as opposed to focusing on just the product) then you usually end up building a product — but not a business.

    4. A good plan should include a description of how you willl “implement the venture”!

    I think you’d be hard pressed to find a successful enterpreneur who was able to “implement the new venture” without a plan. That would be like embarking on a trip without a map.