There Will Be BarCamp

BarCamp Portland is happening just two days from now, starting May 2nd, 6pm, at CubeSpace.

If you’re not familiar with BarCamps in general, this is an unconference, an event with set times and dates, but the schedule determined on site by participants. It has a technology focus, but really anyone who can read this blog is likely to find something of interest. And it has one of my favorite rules for any event: if you’re not learning or contributing by staying where you are, then you should respectfully find somewhere else where you can be. If that means switching sessions, or adding something to the schedule, that’s great. You have the ability and the responsibility to make this your event.

Some topics that have been suggested so far:

  • Design and geekdom
  • Digital photography
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Erlang and Haskell
  • A mini WordCamp (for users of WordPress) on Sunday
  • Software business cooperatives

This is only a start. We’ll have over 100 session slots filled with … something … that you can help decide with the rest of us this Friday evening and through the rest of the weekend.

3 responses to “There Will Be BarCamp

  1. yay! Only a couple of days until BarCampPortland, and it will be great!

  2. This couldn’t be happening at a better time.

    There are a ton of good ideas in play right now. And BarCamp promises to be the time when we could solidify some of them, so we can get moving.

    Looking forward to it!

  3. I am reading this through Ravelry, so hopefully my post will make more sense in context, but I am working on my first toe up sock and I am (optimistically) thinking I may get to the heel during BarCamp. I am hoping that a knitting circle will magically reappear this year and someone will help me through the heel turn. I have only done one pair of socks in my life and it was a cuff down sock.

    As with last year, we will have lots of needles and yarn laying around should a newbie want to discover the (obsessive) joys of knitting.

    I will also happily teach anyone how to make mye new favorite toy: strands of knitted DNA.