My Other Thing(s)

Recently I’ve been talking to people about Portlanders and their many side projects. It’s been a little while since I attempted to describe the full list of mine (my Portland on Fire profile had a shortened version), so here goes.

  • Calagator. Aka the Portland Tech Community Calendar project. Status: Always looking for volunteers. Next code sprint on 4/12.
  • Cooking. I like to cook. When I start to feel cooped up, I read cookbooks from other parts of the world. Right now I’m very interested in cultured/fermented foods, and things eaten on picnics and other outdoor excursions.
  • Etsy shop. Status: majorly neglected. Somehow a skein of sock yarn that’s been listed for most of the last year sold last week, despite no attempts to promote it. I think I need a sales rep.
  • Food Cart Map. Status: needs updating. I’m thinking about replacing the current setup with a Rails app that would make adding things and searching easier. Right now I have to hand-edit an XML file, and it’s pretty tedious.
  • Knitting. I knit, usually in huge spurts of interest that wax and wane every few months. I gave a presentation on geeky knitting at the first Ignite Portland. I also have a sweater pattern in the just-released More Big Girl Knits book. I don’t usually work from a pattern if I can help it, but other people do, so I’d like to write down more of mine as I go. I’m pdxspinnerin on Ravelry.
  • Legion of Tech. Status: very active. Our next big event is Portland BarCamp 2 on May 2-4. You should come. My mom will be there.
  • Photography. Not a for-income activity lately, but I’ve been doing occasional Holga and pinhole experiments in addition to digital. My ex-coworker Anna and I used to talk about quitting our jobs and starting a mobile portrait studio, but it never happened, and now she’s living in Spain taking pictures of olive harvests.
  • Planet PDX. I still haven’t set up feed stats, so I have no idea how many people are making use of this, but send me your blog url (if you’re in the Portland area and work on tech stuff or other geekiness) and I’ll add you.
  • Portland User Group Wiki. The problem with trying to catalog all of the user groups in town is that more are starting all the time. You can help by taking a peek at the wiki and adding anything you know of that’s still missing. (Mobile Portland? Android devs? PDX Data Plumbers? I’m sure at least one of you still needs a link.)
  • Writing. Well, there’s this blog, as sporadically updated as it is. I had an essay in O’Reilly’s Women in Technology series. I keep coming up with book ideas, and abandoning them because other things come up. Actually writing one would be a good sabbatical idea. I’ve done fiction on and off since I was a kid, but have yet to figure out how to make a story run longer than ten pages. Someday, maybe.
  • Yog’s Notebook. Status: still (sadly) on hiatus. You can still buy the first two issues on our website. We need a couple of interns/volunteers to help read submissions and write for the blog. Most of the actual layout and editing for an issue happens in the space of a couple weeks, but there’s a lot of wading through slush to get there, and I haven’t been able to figure out how to keep up on it with something else as my full time job.

I’m sure I’ve managed to forget something, but there it is. What are your other things?

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  2. Sometimes I am shocked that I have other projects, but there needs to be something to explain my levels of exhaustion.

    Marimba is my favorite diversion right now and our recital is coming on the 12 of April at the church on the corner of NE Flanders and NE 29th. The show starts at noon, but my band won;t be going on until 2:45. And this will be my first lead. Ever. We will also be on Oregon Art Beat sometime in May.

    Cooking/baking are perennial favorites. Lately I have been working on variations on chocolate chip cookies. This week it was cranberry chocolate chunk and they are great.

    I have also wandered into the evil work of knitting and I have am almost finished with my first strand of DNA ( I have finished knitting everything and have sewn on the first pair bond. Four more to go and I am DONE (although I am already working on my next strand because I have a gazillion requests for these things).

    I too know there is more in my life, but I will stop there.


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