During lunch I poked through the cupboards, tossed out a few things, and made a list of everything that needs to either be eaten soon or go elsewhere.

  • cashews (maybe a handful left in the bag, and the chopped kind I don’t like as much)
  • garlic (three heads from the farmers market last fall. a little shriveled.)
  • soft cheeses (from various milk culturing experiments. a single batch of lasagna would take care of it.)
  • miso (a really good single-serving packet kind from Uwajamaya. just not a big miso eater I guess.)
  • Kung-fu brand ramen (I think this is still in the cupboard because Lucas didn’t like it.)
  • stuffing mix
  • chana dal
  • red lentils
  • urad dal, split
  • tuna (one can)
  • gyoza wrappers
  • pumpkin puree

It’s actually a bit better than I expected. Nothing too weird, and it’s all theoretically edible. But still. Help?

2 responses to “Cupboards

  1. Pumpkin + cheese + garlic + gyoza wrappers = pumpkin ravioli

    You could probably grind the cashews into meal and add that to the filling for a little more body.

  2. I love lentils with curry spices and butternut squash.

    I second the above ravioli idea!

    I personally would “food drive” the stuffing mix, but that’s just me.🙂 I would also just polish off that can of tuna in a mondo spicy+garlicky tuna melt. Mmmmm