Daytime: Lunch and More

Wednesday I attended the inaugural Portland Lunch 2.0. Jake Kuramoto had the idea to try this locally, and AboutUs hosted. I really enjoy how each new event seems to bring out a slightly different group of people, which got me wondering: why don’t we have more daytime events? Obviously, most people have to work, but usually we get some kind of lunch break, and it seems easier than evenings for people with kids.

Coincidently enough, earlier in the week I had an interesting conversation with Jeff Schwaber about the function that Friday symposiums serve for academic communities, and how something like that might work for our local user groups. Linux groups have traditionally been the one place people working with different open source technologies all come together, but these days we’re as likely to be using Macs, and the LUG just isn’t our starting point anymore. So what about some kind of brown bag lunch symposium? User groups could take turns presenting their best talks from past meetings, and we’d all learn something.

Another type of daytime event I’m interested in are the Jelly-style rotating coworking meetups. I’d love to spend half a day every couple of weeks working from the same space with other local geeks. It would not be a bad thing for me to get out of my apartment while it’s light out.

Portland has a lot of cool things going on right now, and I’m eager for even more. But we shouldn’t wait for a good idea to import from San Francisco or Seattle. This is a place with it’s own unique characteristics, and most of the time no one worries about whether we’re as cool as Location X. In the tech sphere we can fall into that trap because there’s just so much noise coming from other geek hubs. Ask “what would help me get my work done or meet interesting people or have more fun?”—that’s the important part.

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