Local groups and events

There’s some interesting things coming up in the new year for Portland geeks. Ignite will be back on February 5th at the Bagdad Theater. You can submit a proposal to talk anytime between now and January 15th. We’re also looking for sponsors.

Putting on big events like Ignite or BarCamp requires all sorts of resources (sponsorships, volunteers, friendly spaces) and coordination. In order to do this more effectively, we’re starting a non-profit organization called Legion of Tech. I’m excited to be involved as a board member. We’ll be the umbrella organization for future Ignite, BarCamp, and Startupalooza events. We’re also looking at other ways we can support the Portland tech community.

One of my personal projects, the PDX Groups wiki and calendar, continues to grow, thanks to help from several local community members. Since I started this, I’ve heard from a lot of people who want to see the calendar become a better tool for everyone. So one of my new year’s projects will be to try to connect all of the people who want to work on this, and try to make that happen. We have a really friendly and active tech community forming here, and the more tools we have for connecting people with resources that match their interests, the better.

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  1. Thanks for posting this, if for no other reason than to repost the PDX Groups wiki address, which I’d somehow forgotten about🙂