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Silicon Florist has a round-up of links from last night’s Ignite Portland event. I had a great time. Those five minutes go really, really fast.

Here’s some links to follow up on my talk.

That binary scarf pattern is available on Knitty. Knitty is a great resource for interesting, attractive patterns, and they’re all free. It’s published as a quarterly online magazine.

The sweater percentage diagram came from Knitting in the Old Way, by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts. Knitting Without Tears by Elizabeth Zimmerman, is another great book for learning how to make a sweater that fits you, using any yarn you’d like. The method of designing by percentage comes from her.

If you’re just getting started, Stitch & Bitch by Deb Stoller (editor of Bust Magazine), has really good illustrations showing exactly how knit stitches are formed, as well as detailed explanations of how to fix common mistakes.

The “knitting 2.0” site I mentioned is called Ravelry. It’s still in invite-only beta, and the waitlist is long (but moving as fast as they can handle), but as someone who uses a lot of “social” sites, I am really impressed with this one. It seems to do exactly what it needs to, no more, no less.

And for online knitting entertainment, the queen is Yarn Harlot. She has four books out, one of which won the 2006 Ben Franklin Award for humor.

Did I leave anything out? Leave a comment and I’ll add the needed links.

2 responses to “Ignite Portland Links

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  2. Thank you for presenting, Audrey! I loved yours – it made me want to go learn how to knit! Little known fact: my mother used to crochet ALL the time, and when I was about 10, I begged her to teach me. She finally did, and for a couple of years, I made all kinds of scarves, potholders, etc.🙂

    Thanks again for making Ignite a success! See you round!