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I haven’t felt like writing much lately. I’m in the middle of one of my occasional ‘bored with technology’ phases, too. So I’m letting a few things slide. It’ll pass before long, I expect.

I’ve been tracking everything I cook on my wiki, though. Might be interesting if you’re looking for ideas.

I’m also going to be presenting at Ignite Portland on Thursday. I’m giving a five-minute talk on why knitting is neat. If you’d like to go, plan to be there early. The number of people who’ve expressed an interest in attending exceeds the space’s limits. But it should be worth it; there’s 18 fun talks on the schedule, and free food and drink.

Speaking of knitting, I just got an account on Ravelry. It’s an awesome knitting social network and project management tool. I’ve been adding some of the things I’ve made, and I’ll link to it again when the site is public.

Members of the Portland Etsy street team will be in Brooklyn this week for a trunk show at Etsy Labs. Several shops are also doing an online sale. The vendors participating have some very cool work. Check it out.

Portland is in the middle of its own fashion week right now. I’ve been following the coverage, and I was thinking about trying to go to a show or two, except… they’re having it at a shipyard on Swan Island. And I don’t drive. I’m really having trouble with the idea that an event that’s billing itself as green/sustainable picked a car-required venue, with apparently no shuttle service from downtown. What on earth were they thinking? People are saying that the venue is lovely once you’re there, but for me the location is a complete deal-breaker.

I’m also not that excited about the work I’ve been seeing in photos so far. There’s a ton of solid colors and drapey fabrics and knits, and on the whole it just doesn’t feel very fashiony. A good shape and structure is important, but you need details, too. At least the attendees seem to have taken ‘dress to impress’ seriously, with interesting results.

I’m sure there’s some good work in there, but given the (very low) odds that any of it is offered in my size, I want to feel inspired, not just vaguely content. I guess I’ll just stick to ogling the fall Prada collection for now.

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