For the last several weeks, as my calendar filled up, I’ve been anxiously hoping that at least some part of this past weekend would remain open. Friends getting married? Okay, it’s in town and only takes up one day. Birthday party? Whew, that’s the weekend before, no problem. Timbers playoff game? Um. We had the great fortune to not only finish second in the league, and make it to the playoffs, but also to win our first round, meaning… the big semi-final game was on the only day I still had open to attend the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival, my annual sheep-viewing pilgrimage.

Fortunately, the game wasn’t until 5PM, and my family agreed to go earlier in the day so my car-less self could have transportation to and from Canby, where the festival is held. And while the Timbers did not win their game against Atlanta, the team still had an excellent season, and I got my sheep fix.

Fluffy sheep.

Spotted sheep.

Clothed sheep.

Naked sheep.

Not sheep. (Yaks.)

Also not sheep. (Camel with a cute little girl.)

Bad sheep.

Also also not sheep. (A very friendly goat.)

We also stopped at St. Joseph winery for their 25th annual grape stomp. But that’s really not sheep.

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