Field Trip

On Friday I packed up my recently finished knitting projects and headed off to the Japanese Garden in SW Portland with my mom and brother.

Lots of other visitors had cameras, but I think I was the only one looking for interesting things to drape a scarf around.

Did you know that the guard lions by the front gate will also help you with your purse?

I even came back with a few good pictures of the green sweater (thanks Peter!).

3 responses to “Field Trip

  1. I like those pics a lot. And I really like the other purses hanging on fences pics that you have on flickr.

  2. I like the pictures. The guard lion really likes your purse. Nice kitty…

  3. I love your green sweater. That color green is fabulous. And my husband and I got engaged at the Japanese Gardens in Pdx. I love that place.