Things and stuff

I went to the beach for Labor Day. Gorgeous as always. I wish we could get out there more often.

I’ve been sick lately, which has meant taking rest days, getting behind on lots of things, and much frustration. Right now I’m feeling slightly better, but tired. Please think healthy thoughts in my direction.

It also means the only things I’ve managed to work on are in the crafty category. (I’ve discovered I have a hierarchy of activities when not feeling well. On one end of the continuum is sleep, followed by reading Discworld books, knitting, and other fibery things, and on the other we have writing, programming, and going for long hikes. I probably overthink this issue.)

Thus, yarn. And a sweater. And scarves. And brightly colored wool.

Also, I’m going to be doing Crafty Wonderland again this month with my mom. It’s Sunday from 11-4 at Doug Fir. We’ll have yarn and jewelry and cute pins and bags and all of you in the Portland area should really stop in and say hello.

Finally, my last and most exciting note is that this month O’Reilly is presenting a series of essays by women in technology, including contributions by Selena Deckelmann, Gabrielle Roth, Dawn Foster, Shelly Powers, Kaliya Hamlin, and … me! I have no idea when mine will be up, but you can subscribe to the RSS feed and have all ~30 essays delivered directly to your feed reader. I am really thrilled to be a part of this project.

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