Where did I go?

I’ve been neglecting my blog so much that even my mom noticed. Oops. I’m too busy again. Some neat things are coming out of that: a new group for local women who write code (or want to learn), much craftiness, talking with various people about contract projects, getting Yog’s Notebook in front of a wider audience (we were at the Portland Zine Symposium this past weekend). And so on. If you were expecting to hear from me and didn’t, this might be a good time to send a reminder.

2 responses to “Where did I go?

  1. I totally missed the symposium because I got sucked into the black hole of Ikea.😦
    (What started as a “quick trip” turned into over 3 hours!)

    I’m still anxious to get the next copy of Yog’s Notebook!

  2. We’re doing the Ikea black hole this weekend. Fun fun fun.