If this is Thursday…

Yesterday I was physically tired. Today’s it’s just my brain. I have the feeling I’ll be trying to catch up for a week after this.

So, Wednesday screenings. Competition group 4 had another fabulous collection of shorts.

Une Charogne. French, no subtitles, but the CG animation is beautiful. And lifelike, which is funny because it’s about death. The text was from a poem, so translations aren’t too hard to find.

Digitopia. There have been several pieces combining live action video with animation in the festival, and this is one of the best. The director plays mix and match with human body parts and animated machines, rebuilding and sculpting the parts.

Lightning Doodle Project/Pika Pika. Light painting! How could that not be fun?

Conte de Quartier. The program book says, “A crazy day in a neighborhood under construction.” The story is okay, but it’s the style of the painted animation that makes this one really interesting. The brush strokes are active, moving and rearranging to show the changing scene.

No Room for Gerold. A rhino, a hippo, a wildebeest, and a crocodile share an apartment, and it’s not going so well.

I also attended a preview of competition group 6.

Wolf Daddy. A wolf finds his writing interrupted by a succession of women who insist that he is the father of a little girl, a rabbit, and a turtle. It’s funny and sweet.

A Gentlemen’s Duel. Two men, one woman, and giant steampunk mecha suits. Fight!

I Met the Walrus. Another intriguing use of found audio. In this case it’s a 1969 interview with John Lennon, by a 14 year-old who snuck into his hotel room. They talk about war, love, and non-violence.

Vienna Mix. A series of small paintings photographed against the backdrop of Vienna. I love pieces like this that demonstrate how simple animation can be and still work.

Astronauts. It’s a small ship for two people. Especially if one of them pushes that red button clearly labeled “do not press”.

Wednesday was also the lovely Laika picnic out on Sauvie Island. We ate, we drank, we played with crayons. Very relaxing.

[I didn’t manage to finish this until Friday, but it’s still my Thursday post. Just pretend it was up a day ago.]

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