Highlights from Day 1

Now that I’m sober, awake, and not feeling too bad (all hail Emergen-C), here’s my favorite bits from last night’s screening, with links to watch them when available.

The Danish Poet. A sweet story about chance meetings and love. It won an Oscar.

Tower Bawher. For fans of angular Soviet graphic art (Google tells me this style is called “Russian constructivist”).

The Pearce Sisters. The visual style reminds me a little of the gross out closeups in Ren & Stimpy. Two sisters and a hut on the beach where nothing grows and the rain blows sideways.

Apnée. This is one that scores more for technique than story. The camera appears to fly through a paused scene which shows changes each time the view circles around. Very interesting to watch.

Rabbit. I’ve seen this one before, via a link on Neil Gaiman’s blog. The graphics come from Dick and Jane books, but the story goes in a completely different direction. It’s my favorite from this set.

One Rat Short. My second-favorite. Sort of a rat love story. Beautiful visuals.

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