For and by kids

I went to two screenings earlier: competition program 2 (family program), and films by kids for kids. I was surprised that I liked the films by kids better than the other set, on the whole (though I missed the first three from the competition set–running late this morning). Lucas asked for links to the ones I liked, since he had to work (poor guy), so here goes.

Competition set 2:

Goodbye Canine. What really happens to the teeth left under the pillow. With special ops mice.

Dachau bei München. It’s a cute little film about a thirteen year-old boy, school, and all the mundane little bits of one’s life. He lives in the area of Dachau, near Munich, and bikes past the concentration camp grounds on his way to and from school every day. It’s never discussed, but the setting makes for an eerie contrast with the suburban life that makes up the story.

Films by kids for kids:

Cloud Warrior and No Problem. Both of these are collaborations within the same family, with the kids contributing story, words, drawings, and their father tying it together. Very fun pieces, especially the second one, which involves 3 year-old Emma telling her dad how she’d get out of various situations (birds and rope are frequently involved).

Mirror Perspective. A very artistic use of Legos to riff on Plato’s allegory.

The Whistler’s Tale. I’m not sure how to describe this, and the group that made it is Belgian, so their website is in French. It involves music and differences and acceptance … I guess?

Envious Heart. Dragons and sprites, singing Carmina Burana. Very well drawn.

And right now I’m hanging out with the Social Media Club in the middle of the street outside PCPA (no cars, it’s closed). We’re talking to anyone who’s interested about blogging etc.

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