Because Robin said I forgot to plug this

I’m spending this week at the first ever Platform International Animation Festival. Portland has a really amazing animation community already here in town, so it’s very cool that the organizers chose us and not NY or LA or some random spot in the mountains (and yay Cartoon Network for underwriting it). It opened tonight with the first set of competition entries followed by a party. My plan is to go to as many events as I possibly can, follow Shawn around in hopes of meeting interesting people, and hang out at Podcast Hotel.

If you are even slightly interested in seeing animated works from around the world, I encourage you to pick up tickets to at least one screening (I think most events are $10). Lucas and I were both really impressed with the first night’s lineup, and there are some great feature-length works, lectures, and other events on the schedule.

I’ll post more when I’m more awake and sober (opening night == champagne. with blue curaçao. mmm and oof and the same time.)

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