Next Sunday: Dorkbot PDX

One of my favorite local tech groups, Dorkbot PDX, is having their first big event a week from today. Here’s the event announcement:

Come join DorkbotPDX, people doing strange things with electricity,
for our inaugural event at Vendetta (4306 N Williams Ave) on June 24th
at 5pm. If you’re a hacker, painter, engineer or sculpture, musician or
maker you’ll fit right in. We bring together the tech and art worlds and
enjoy it all over a pint of beer. We’ll have presentations and performances
by these fine folks:

Jason Plumb is a software engineer by day…hardware hacker, reverse
engineer, and experimental sound geek by night. He will provide an
overview of the Essential Reality P5 glove controller and explain how
it can be used with free and open-source software to create and
manipulate sound.

Jesse Fox studied music composition and physics at Bates College
before getting a Master’s Degree from the Center for Computer Research
in Music and Acoustics at Stanford University. He will discuss his
involvement with the League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots (LEMUR)
and describe the detailed technical recreation of George Antheil’s
“Ballet Mecanique”, which includes xylophones, bass drums, tam-tam,
pianists, electric bells, a siren, airplane propellers, and a volley
of player pianos.

Donald Delmar Davis, principal research anarchist at D3 Laboratories,
will overview the deconstruction of Arduino and Wiring platforms to
create artistic robot platforms with AVR microcontrollers. “AI Begins
With Self Destruction”

paint & copter create multi-media experiences of regurgitated and
improvised media. By synthesizing live and pre-manipulated video
feeds, field recordings and live instrumentation, Paint and Copter
filter cultural noise and reprocess it into a new, mesmerizing thread.

We will also have a brief open-mic of sorts referred to as Open Dork.
This is a show and tell where you can have the mic for a few minutes
to discuss your latest project, vent about frustrations trying to get
your art grant or tell us about the intricacies of the color blue.
It’s your time to tell us what you think we need to hear.

Festivities will begin at 5pm and you can expect them to last until
they kick us out. Please bring yourself, your friends and any thing
you’d like to share.

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