Rain on my parade

If you’ve lived in Portland a while, you’ve not only heard the natives say ‘it always rains for the Rose Festival’, but experienced it at least once yourself. It’s just the local weather pattern. June alternates rainy and sunny before the hot dry weather of July and August. The festival is in June. It will rain on at least one parade.

That doesn’t mean we had a bad time. The theme this year was the centennial of the Rose Festival, so the parade was split into sections like ‘The Greatest Generation’, ‘The Groovy Generation’, and my favorite, ‘The Global Generation’.

Representing Vietnam.






Celebrating 100 years of Filipino migration to the US.

And the One More Time Around Again Marching Band. For people who don’t want to let the teenagers have all the fun.

One response to “Rain on my parade

  1. We ran into a couple members of the One More Time Around at their traditional watering hole The Bullpen (which happens also to be the watering hole for the Timber Army). Those cats know how to PAR-TY!