Family of mine

There are some things going on in my family right now that I’m feeling angry and frustrated and sad about. I’ve been helping my brother take care of the paperwork required to drop all of his classes this quarter, due to a currently undiagnosed neurological disorder. My grandmother, who will be celebrating her 50th wedding anniversary on Saturday, has severe temporal-frontal lobe dementia that reduces her impulse control to that of a toddler. It can be scary to be around. One of my cousins is in the army, and he recently found out that he’ll be deployed to Iraq for 15 months starting in August. Some of my other relatives have poorly managed health and lifestyle issues that are very hard on the people around them.

I’ve been hesitant to write about any of this, because I want to respect other people’s privacy, but I’m finding that it’s really having an effect on my mood and concentration right now. I want to help, but there’s so little I can do in most cases, other than look up phone numbers for various services and offer my brother a place to hang out when it’s too crazy at home. We’ll all be in one place (thankfully, outdoors) for the anniversary party this weekend. I love them, but I feel overwhelmed. Right now I’d really like to stay home.

2 responses to “Family of mine

  1. Hugs!

  2. Oof. I understand that wanting to respect people’s privacy thing, but it’s hard to keep stresses like this under wraps.