Geek knitting (crochet too)

I’ve been wanting to try stenciling (or even screenprinting, but I don’t have the setup) onto knit fabrics, so I made a small bag on the knitting machine, crocheted a handle, and h4x0r3d it.

I also crocheted a Nintendo DS cozy on the plane to Vegas last fall. I thought I’d already taken pictures of it, but I couldn’t find anything on my Flickr account.

4 responses to “Geek knitting (crochet too)

  1. Excuse me, miss, but I’m afraid your purse has been hax0red.

    That’s just fun to say.

  2. Woah! That’s just awesome😀

  3. Too cool, I’m gonna make something like that when I get my DS this christmas!

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