Sock yarn on Etsy

I’ve been actively listing things on Etsy for the last few weeks, and the main thing I’m noticing is that it’s hard to sell items directly through the site, because there’s just so much listed and the search tools don’t always do enough to narrow it down (or if the features exist, they’re not obvious). I think the most successful shops are the ones that have gained a certain amount of attention from outside, so people buy things from them because they heard about that specific shop elsewhere.

So with something of an ulterior motive, I’m going to point out a few examples of very cool sock yarn that the web at large might not know about.

Hlmiller has a green and pink (like a watermelon) yarn. Great summer colors.

Pink Elephants Sock Yarn

I love the green and blue gradient on SeeJayneKnitYarns‘s Austin Peacock sock yarn. She has a lovely dark moss green listed right now too.

Austin Peacock Sock Yarn

Some great pinks and oranges and reds from Zen Yarn Garden.

Wine Country Sock Yarn

Yarnchef‘s colors definitely look food-inspired. The yarn shown below is on sale, too.

Tangerine Sock Yarn

And last but not least, here’s one of my own yarn dyeing experiments. I like to toss some yarn and dye in the pot and see what comes out.

Seagrass Sock Yarn

I hope this helps direct a little more traffic toward everyone’s work. There’s some really nice yarn on here, but with 95 pages of listings just for this type, so much of it only gets a few views apiece.

One response to “Sock yarn on Etsy

  1. Beautiful colors . . . and making me hungry just looking at that pasta and watermelon! Yum🙂