Fun time at the Social Media Club

I had a great time talking to people at the Portland Social Media Club tonight. Thanks Marshall, for setting this up and inviting me to participate.

To follow up for the attendees and anyone who managed to watch the streaming video feed, info on my science fiction publication is at I received some helpful suggestions from the audience on how to make the site more engaging, so hopefully I’ll be posting more about that soon. And my main personal site is I assemble the main page content by aggregating a number of personal feeds through Tumblr and then use Feedburner to create the summary for display on the webpage. This is really easy and doesn’t require any programming on my end, and as John pointed out, it’s a great way to keep blogs and other sites from going dead when we don’t know what to post.

2 responses to “Fun time at the Social Media Club

  1. I enjoyed your interview, Audrey. I hope you can expand your Rails traffic.😉

  2. Well written article.