Women in Ruby/Rails

From #railsconf:

[09:34am] lectrick: DHH brings the ladies to railsconf. … Or not.
[09:34am] treble19: there are ladies here
[09:34am] Coderifous: I counted 4 females
[09:34am] treble19: I am one
[09:34am] lectrick: Yes, there’s actually a hot one right in front of me
[09:35am] Coderifous: Congratulations, you have incredible odds.
[09:35am] chriswarren: lectrick: there are a few of them here
[09:35am] malkofac: there was one cute one who handed me my goodie bag
[09:35am] • apples is a lady
[09:35am] chriswarren: malkofac: I know who you mean, I think
[09:35am] _dav: you know, chicks use irc too
[09:36am] treble19: yes we do
[09:36am] _dav: see
[09:36am] malkofac: yes, us women use irc

Okay, so I’m not at RailsConf, but it’s a quick bus ride from my apartment. And I think it’s really amazingly ridiculous that in 2007 I’m still watching this kind of conversation take place. I’d like to put together some kind of women’s meetup this weekend, if I can figure out how to invite people and coordinate it. There’s usually some kind of board set up in the hall for posting such things. Maybe I’ll wander down there and take a look. And if you’re female, and at RailsConf, and reading this: please email me. It’s spinnerin at gmail.

Update: I talked to Desi of DevChix, and she said that they’re planning some kind of get-together, so I’m going to try to hook up with that. I’ll post more details as I have them.

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