BarCampPortland recap

I didn’t take a single picture at BarCamp this weekend, because there were already so many people with cameras out. It was nice to stand back and not worry about documenting things during the event. You can see everyone’s photos so far on Flickr thanks to the magic of tagging.

Here’s a few of my personal highlights:
* Noticing that several other people had written “knitting” as one of the tags on their badge, and having a knitting meetup in response.
* Seeing kids play with the OLPC prototypes.
* Dawn’s session on collaboration in communities. Lots of discussion about community moderation and management, and dealing with problems that crop up on both the organization and community ends of the relationship.
* Paige’s discussion on science fiction, women, and the future of technology. We talked about role models, things in books that do or don’t come true, and wishing we could use Google to find out what aisle the cornflakes are on.
* Hosting a session on publishing in the 21st century. The discussion included using the internet to connect with readers, the different benefits of paper and electronic formats, and generally getting closer to your audience. If anyone took notes (I should have asked one of the people who had laptops out), would you leave a comment here?
* Initial planning for a benefit concert based around women in open source to occur during OSCon this summer.
* A session on Portland user groups and how we can get more cross-pollination and inclusion. If anyone was there and needs the user group wiki link again, it’s at I’m really glad that Marshall brought up the issue of diversity. I think one of the big things we need to think about is how different kinds of events and activities meet the needs and interests of different technology users in Portland. It’s not enough to just get the word out.
* Talking to all sorts of interesting people. I hope I’ll see some of them at the next BarCamp meetup.

In all, it was an immensely successful event. We had far more attendees than we expected, and there were more women that I would have guessed would show up (or even be interested, compared to what I’ve seen at other local tech events). I had a really great time.

One response to “BarCampPortland recap

  1. I didn’t take any notes at the time, nor have I published the ones I did make, but I did scribble the following afterwards:

    “I didn’t take notes because I joined the discussion at the last moment, & wanted to talk. I do remember one principal thread: Bart Massey’s question whether to publish in print or electronically. This led to other considerations like physical books vs. e-texts.”