Craft fair results

BarCamp was awesome, but I’m too tired to give it a proper write-up. Maybe tomorrow. So instead I’ll talk about how the craft fair worked out.

I sold one star pin. And that was it, after five hours of sitting there, talking to people, watching them walk by. From looking around, it seemed like there were a lot of people in the same boat. Affordable items, but no buyers.

Here’s my initial guess on why: it didn’t seem like the right crowd. I was expecting indie/crafty/hipster, but it was more like yuppie family (quite a few people there with kids). So some of the more sleek modern or trendy items sold, but even then not well. Also, there were very few knitters (how do I know? Knitters see sock yarn and must come check it out.) which meant few people even in the market for hand-dyed yarn. Kids really liked the squishy pins and crocheted wire, but their parents weren’t really interested in spending money. The gal next to me had some cute silk screened onesies, and I didn’t see anyone buying (looking, yes. But again not spending money.)

Basically, I don’t think anyone there was in the market for cute. Or lime green polka dots.

I’m disappointed, but glad I tried it. Check my Etsy shop in the next few days as I list the leftovers.

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