The end of the road trip

I’ve been home since Wednesday night, so it’s probably time to finish posting about the road trip and move on to something else.

Sunday night I had dinner in the Mission district, first tacos at Pancho Villa, then a dessert crepe at Ti Couz.

Monday morning was spent on laundry, as mentioned before. Then in the afternoon I headed to SOMA to see Citizen Space. It’s a nice office, comfortable place to catch up on email, and they seem very open to people dropping by.

After that, I took the cable car up to Lombard St.

Twisty as advertised.

Then back downtown to do a little shopping. I’ve been having some pants problems. I can’t find an exact duplicate of the ones I like that wore out, and I hate ordering things online only to discover that the sizing isn’t as expected. It’s really irritating how many places don’t stock their full size range in the store.

The Old Navy on Market has not just the XL and XXL sizes I’ve seen here in Portland, but an actual Women’s Plus section of the store, all the way up to 4X. They even had larger mannequins for the displays. So now I have two pairs of reasonably comfortable pants. The fit around the waist is a little weird, but not enough to be irritating.

Tuesday we started the drive back north, but first I had a couple hours free to explore Golden Gate Park. I spent most of it in the Botanical Garden.

Laurie and I loaded back into the car and started north along highway 101.

This went fairly smoothly, though we had some trouble getting back on the highway after stopping for food in Santa Rosa. The highway entrances and exits aren’t paired, and there are no signs directing you back to 101. Instead, they expect you to know the area well enough to follow the signs for highway 12, understanding that it overlaps with 101 through town. This is not very friendly to people just passing though.

We made it to the redwoods by dark, and camped at Richardson Grove State Park.

Scenic, but noisy. The year-round camping area is well within earshot of the highway.

Most of the rest of the trip was driving and driving and driving. With a couple of small detours, including an elk viewing area.

I had a really good time over the week I was gone, and I’m really happy that Laurie decided to take a road trip and asked if anyone wanted to come along. It was much fun.

And now I’m home, with too much to get done, and a really annoying cold I picked up at the hostel. Achoo.

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