Food cart update

I just did a massive update to the food cart map. I never really caught up after they kicked everyone out of the parking lot by Elephants last fall (or was it summer?), but now all of the major cart clusters should be reasonably up to date again.

There are a couple of new favorites in this update. Ziba’s Pitas, on SW Alder (just west of 9th) serves Bosnian pitas, which are these flaky, savory, filled pastries. Nothing at all like a Mediterranean pita, but very delicious. I’ve been trying to think of an excuse to wander downtown today just so I can stop by this cart.

I also really like Taste of Poland, on SW 5th (right in the middle of all the bus mall construction). I always get the pirogi, but they also have several different kinds of thick juicy sausages, made from scratch just for this cart.

And if you were wondering what happened to Snow White Crepes, they’re now on SW Alder, half a block west of 10th. I still haven’t been there, but this is the longest-running cart I know of, so they must do something right.

2 responses to “Food cart update

  1. GeekyGirl Dawn Foster

    Here’s a new one for you. I think they just opened a couple of weeks ago. I haven’t been there yet, but it’s on my list!

  2. Awsome! The carts in portland have some of the best food, period. Here are some I see you are missing (around PSU):

    New Taste of India at 4th and Harrison

    Burrito Place (doesn’t really have a consistant name) at 4th and Harrison

    Basha’s Medeterranian 8th and Harrison

    Fuego Burritos at 8th and Harrison

    Bento (forget the full name) at 8th and Harrison

    Saigon Kitchen (vietnamese-ish sweet yellow curry) at 4th and Hall

    German Sausage place – ran by wife of import auto repair place at 6th and Grant. Not sure if it’s there anymore – I haven’t been by in a while. But they probably have the best sausages around.