Been doing some stuff

I made it through a week of self/un-employment without freaking out. (Regular paychecks? What’s that?) The first two days were taken up just kind of getting comfortable, getting the right software on the MacBook, handling a couple zine orders, etc.

Tuesday I went to a Social Media Club meeting at Someday Lounge (a little dark in there, but a nice space):

Dan Harbison, Internet Marketing Manager for the Trailblazers, talked about the ways they’re using blogging and podcasts and social networking to connect with fans. They have a site called I Am a Trailblazers Fan, billed as the “official online community” of the Portland Trailblazers.

The part I found most interesting is that Dan said that even when fans are negative or critical of the team, they’d rather have them giving that commentary within the sphere of the team’s blogs and networking site. Even angry fans are still important to the organization. Apparently they only take down posts if the language is abusive or not PG, and even then the person will get an explanation and be asked to play nice, instead of being automatically kicked off the site.

Afterward, I talked with someone involved with the Platform International Animation Festival, which is happening this summer in downtown Portland (June 25-30). They’re going to have a really incredible lineup of work there (the schedule isn’t on the website yet, but the person I talked to mentioned John K. and Scott McCloud as participants), and they really want to connect with fan communities like anime clubs, as well as bloggers/podcasters/etc. If you’d like more info, let me know.

Wednesday I had two things on my calendar: a booksigning by the lovely authors of Mason Dixon Knitting, and the Dorkbot meetup.

Totally different venues and crowds. Both fun.

Yesterday, pretty quiet. Worked on some code for a blog aggregation project. Had lunch with Dawn at Cup & Saucer.

My plan for today was more code, but I woke up feeling kinda tired, so instead I’m putting together flyers for BarCamp.

Logo by Patrick Sullivan of

If you’re even slightly interested in tech, the internet, geek stuff, etc. you should consider coming to BarCamp. I think it’ll be a really interesting event. It’s May 11-12 at CubeSpace (that’s another neat thing I keep meaning to talk about. It’s a workspace for the self-employed, with meeting rooms and desks. The place reminds me of the grad student research cubbies in university libraries.)

Tonight Lucas and I will be at a Timbers pre-season event at the Bitter End. The $6 cover goes toward a Timbers documentary a friend of ours has been working on, and they’ve lined up three bands, a bagpiper, a raffle, plus a sneak preview of the documentary. We’ll have copies of Yog’s Notebook for sale, too.

Busy busy.

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