Motivational trick

Now that I’m halfway through my first full week of not having a day job, I’m starting to notice a couple of problems. I have this huge list of things I could be working on, some of it even income generating, and none of it automatically gives any organization to my day. I can work on anything I want! Which means I can also spend all day reading blogs and accomplishing nil.

And since I’m a complete dork, I decided the solution to this was to make a little checklist of things I should be working on a regular basis, so I can see whether I’m getting anywhere.

Most of this should be self-explanatory. I put fruits and vegetables on there because it’s something I don’t automatically remember to eat (vegetarian != only eats vegetables). The secret projects aren’t really, but it’s more fun that way. Personal online presence is shorthand for doing something to keep my website up to date and generally be visible online.

Most of my plans to track what I’ve been doing last about a week, so it’ll be a little while until I know if this works. Worth a try, right?

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