Hello Monday

For a fun comparison, let’s see what I actually managed to get done over the weekend.

* I finished reading Scalzi on Writing, which I’d recommend to anyone who wants to know more about the business of writing… but it’s a limited edition, and all 500 copies sold, so you’ll have to wait for another publisher to do an edition with a larger print run.
* I set up an account on LibraryThing to help catalog my books so I don’t have to worry about accidentally buying duplicates.
* I edited Lucas’ essay, he revised it, it’s now on it’s proper page in the zine. So now the only content we’re missing is mine.
* I went to the Blazers game. They didn’t play so well. Also, as I mentioned on Twitter, there was an older woman sitting next to me who seemed out of it; when the hip hop dance squad came on during a timeout, she elbowed me (hard enough to hurt) and asked if they still had Blazerdancers (the normal cheerleaders). I assume they just had the night off.
* Sunday I met up with Katie for lunch/breakfast. She showed me the finished illustrations for the zine (see previous post). I’m thrilled with how it came out.
* I set up a CafePress.com shop to sell things displaying this fabulous logo.
* I went to my uncle’s birthday dinner. It was a little chaotic.
* I updated the Yog’s Notebook website, but I still need to create a page for issue 1 information.

I wish I had an extra day of weekend to enjoy the weather and finish up a few things. Maybe I can get out in the sun at lunch.

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