A few meta-comments on blogging

So now that I’ve posted something a little more personal and honest (not that I’m lying to you guys on here, but I’m more hesitant to talk about things I feel this strongly about unless I’m really angry or think I’ll get a helpful response), I feel a little embarrassed, thinking about people actually reading it. A while back I saw a similar comment, with someone asking if anyone else tended to quick add a few more trivial posts to push the personal one down the page. So I think this is a common problem in blogging unless you never talk about anything personal ever (which would completely defeat the point of me having a blog, IMO).

But honestly, while the internet is wide-open and public, who am I worried about seeing these things? My mother? My boss? (Hi.) Random strangers I will never meet? The person I quoted? (Given that I really like her blog, I hope this wouldn’t be an issue.) The worst that could happen is that I lose my job, no one in the local tech community will talk to me, and people start writing nasty letters to the editor. Right? Okay, I’m done now.

4 responses to “A few meta-comments on blogging

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  2. Oh gosh, and then I went and linked it on twitter. I hope I didn’t make it more uncomfortable for you!

    I can totally relate–you’d never know it from the outrageous stuff I say on my blog, but half the time I walk around feeling like I’ve left the house without clothes on.

  3. Thanks for linking to it. Sleep does good things for resetting my brain, so I think I’ll be just fine.🙂

  4. While I operate in different spaces that I try to understand/change, I completely relate to both of your last posts. I often grapple with how to make my posts honest and personal while keeping a certain level of privacy. Much easier to attempt than achieve, but at the end of the day our blogs are ours, and what others think really shouldn’t matter.