Short, short, short stories

Escape Pod, one of my favorite podcasts, is having an open contest for stories under 300 words. They received so many entries that the voting has been broken into groups of twelve. I submitted my entry over a week ago, and it’s just now up on the site.

If you’re curious about the stories, and mine in particular, here’s how it works: anyone who creates an account on the Escape Pod forums can read the stories and vote on their favorite three in each group. But since it’s anonymous, I can’t tell you which story is mine. Go read, and vote for the stories you like. It’s really interesting watching how different people try to make a story work in that little text.

Edit: I removed which group number my story is in, because I’m starting to realize it might make it to the next round, and I don’t want to spoil things by making it too easy to identify my entry.

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