What to do when you can’t sleep

I have insomnia for the first time in ages. I woke up and couldn’t fall back asleep.

I used to have horrible problems with insomnia in the winter, to the point that I would lie in bed for hours and not be able to sleep. I’m getting over the flu, so hopefully this is the result of being sick and not going to keep happening.

I woke up thinking about Recent Changes Camp. I’m excited about it, because I heard good things from everyone who went last year, but right now it doesn’t look like our project schedule will allow me to attend the Friday session, unless I come up with a really creative way to do an iteration release from across town.

Which gets me thinking about asynchronous work schedules again, but I can’t be concise about that at 4am.

My calendar for the week is a little busy. Social media group tonight, Postgres tomorrow, Wednesday I’ll have to skip the dorkbot meetup because I want to go to the OpenID hackfest instead. I might have to forgo some of this if I’m still feeling icky, though.

I have this huge long list of things I want to blog about, but between work and that busy calendar (and getting sick), I’m still trying to carve out time. Even my Flickr page has been quiet lately.

And now I’ve finished my orange juice, so I’m going to try to sleep again.

4 responses to “What to do when you can’t sleep

  1. I’ve been having insomnia for about a week and a half, after not having it for a few months. Maybe it is winter that does it. It seems like I should be able to sleep more in the winter though–you know, the body wanting to hibernate.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Oh, sleep deprivation = no fun!

    Years ago when I had insomnia I would take valerian root and lots and lots of calcium. (I guess that’s the whole idea behind a warm glass of milk before bed, but that just sounds gross to me. Other things have calcium🙂 )

  3. I completely empathize. I hope your normal sleep schedule returns soon. If not, Tylenol PM (just one) about an hour before bed always works for me when I’m going through an insomnia spell…but I do kinda feel like a junkie when I take it, so I’m not sure that I would necessaarily “recommend” drugging yourself.😉

  4. I’m an insomniac from way back…pardon the illiteration. It’s a pain, but I deal. Hope you’re feeling better soon!