The people on the bus are drunk, part two

Dear TriMet,

I think it’s really neat that you run the buses free on New Year’s Eve so everyone can get home safely.

Just a couple of things to consider for next year, though.

First, I took the last bus of the night for my route, which rolled through downtown around 1:30. This is before the bars close. The bus was packed.

I bet a few of these people would really like to stay out later. Not that all of them really needed more time for drinking, but the way people were packed in, it seems like it might be smart to run a couple buses later so everyone can be sure of getting home.

Second, please consider what it’s like having a bus packed to the gills with drunk people. There was a woman across the aisle who kept trying to throw up. Running extra buses at the end of the night might also help ensure that no one ends up wearing someone else’s puke.


3 responses to “The people on the bus are drunk, part two

  1. …where’s part one?


  2. Here. It’s not exactly related, aside from the title.

  3. That was seriously the funniest thing I’ve read all day…I hate Tri-Met so hard. I usually get the lucky spot next to some bum who smells like 10 year old gin and wants to tell me his entire life story. Ugh.

    Happy 2007! Love your blog!