Seven goals for 2007

I’m not much for new year’s resolutions, but as I’ve been reading everyone else’s wishes and predictions, I started to realize that there are a few things I’d like to see happen in my own life this year.

  1. Be outside more. I want to do at least one hike or other outdoor activity (skiing, snowshoeing, climbing) every month this year.
  2. Find more time for my own projects. The area around my desk is completely overtaken by yarn and craft supplies, there are at least three small programming projects I’d like to work on, and I haven’t done any real amount of music practice, composition, or performance in the last year.
  3. Sell another knitting pattern. I’m expecting to have a sweater pattern published in a book this spring, and I’d like to continue this. I have a few different projects around that could be turned into good, interesting patterns. I just need to write up the proposals to shop around.
  4. Figure out how to sell other things. I have a store on Etsy, but it doesn’t seem to get much traffic on its own. I have a Flickr account that contains several photos I’m very proud of and would love to print and sell. I have many ideas for other things I’d like to try out. And I have no idea how to do the kind of self-promotion needed to make money from any of this. I see people managing to make money by writing opinionated essays and blog articles, and this is also something I would enjoy, but again, no idea how to make it happen.
  5. Find some kind of studio or workshop space I can use for things that are messy, loud, or not safe for cats. I don’t have a ton of spare money to put toward it, but it would really help with certain aspects of the “work on my own projects” goal above.
  6. Be more spiritually engaged. I’m not necessarily looking to start going to church every week, but Lucas was teasing me about the dust on my bible, and I realized that I’ve been kind of coasting for the last year. I really enjoy reading theology, I enjoy discussing scripture ethics history etc, and I feel much more grounded when I take time for some kind of meditative practice (yoga was good this way, as was singing with the cathedral choir, and attending the Sunday night contemplative mass at my parish in Seattle). I need to pick something and make time for it.
  7. Give a presentation at a local user group. I feel much more confident about my programming skills since I’ve started my current job, and I think I could find something interesting to talk about. I’m excited about a lot of different tech things these days, like test-driven development and combining agile practices with GTD, the little geocoder I wrote for work, various neat Ruby libraries, and so on. Not to mention half a dozen technology and society topics.

I had other things that I started thinking about as I was making this list, like a general commentary on work, scheduling according to your attention span and energy level throughout the day, why project managers shouldn’t have to act like babysitters (“Did you check in your code yet? Is there a problem I should know about?”), and so on. I have an idealized “life of Audrey” in my head involving the flexibility to work on what I want, when I want, and always sit near an outside window so I can see the sky. In 2007 I want to get just a little closer to that.

One response to “Seven goals for 2007

  1. I think every year I say I’m gonna spend more time outside, hiking or starting up that photography hobby I keep wanting to do…one of these years I might actually do it. 🙂