Five things you might not know about me

Anne tagged me for this last week, and while I’m pretty sure I did this meme sometime last winter too, here goes.

  1. The first piece of music I ever bought for myself was a Tiffany tape. I was six.
  2. I studied flute from fifth grade through the end of high school, and then took it up again at the end of college after a couple years’ break. I remember feeling completely burned out on it after I finished high school. Our band program sucked, I was angry that my family couldn’t afford to buy me a better flute (usually you upgrade from your $300 beginner model to a $1200 “step up” flute at some point), and it seemed like kids who did have a better instrument could be completely passionless about the whole thing and still win first chair and all the solos. I’d better stop there, because I could turn this into a whole blog post on its own.
  3. I’ve started two businesses. Both made very little money but were highly educational experiences. I want to try again, if I can come up with a plan for enough funding to make it work. I’ve discovered it’s really hard to run a business without any starting capital.
  4. If you buy the idea that the choices we make create branches of separate alternate universes, somewhere there are Audreys who are oceanographers, theoretical mathematicians, professional musicians, fashion designers, veterinary doctors, and international development specialists. I often hope to live long enough to give at least one or two of these “wouldn’t it be interesting if I had…” a try.
  5. I’ve been wearing hand knit socks for the last three days. I’m trying to build up a week’s supply, but right now I only have three pairs that are comfortable to wear in shoes (as opposed to wearing as slippers). So I’ll be knitting another couple of pairs as soon as I finish one of the other projects.

I think I’m supposed to tag more people to participate, so I’ll go with my mom (if she’s still lurking on here), Matt, another Matt, and anyone else who wanted to be tagged but hasn’t been yet.

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