Time… is marching on

I haven’t spent any time on my photos since I last posted. Instead, I’ve been burying myself in several books: Idlewild, The Android’s Dream, Ender’s Game (I never got around to reading it before now), The Cassini Division, and the first 50 pages of Herzog, which is the book club assignment this month, but I’m getting the impression that it’s more style than plot, so I don’t know if I’ll try to finish it.

Work is hectic. My job has changed a fair bit from what I expected when I started, and while I enjoy project management, sometimes it makes it hard to focus on just programming. But slowly I am getting the hang of test-driven development, and the project hasn’t exploded yet.

The lack of sunlight in our office is really getting to me, too. Only one side of the suite has windows, and almost nothing filters over to the developer area even on sunny winter days like today.

I’ll try to post something more interesting soon. I had an idea the other day to talk about how my knitting process is a lot like the way I program. “Do the simplest thing that could work.”

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