And we’re back

We survived the return trip, airport and all. It was crowded but not terrible. I managed to bring an illicit 4 oz. bottle of contact lens solution through security at both airports by sticking it in with the other “liquids and gels” and not doing anything to draw attention to myself. Alaska Airlines is a massive improvement over America West, which was last year’s Vegas trip airline. Alaska: friendly and clean. America West: planes that look like they should have been retired 30 years ago, and so little leg room that my knees touched the seat in front of me. I’m only 5’6″, so if I don’t have enough leg room, the place must have been designed for midgets or children. Plus the terminal Alaska flies from is newer and has multiple coffee stands.

I’m in the process of pulling all the photos off my camera to load to Flickr. Stay tuned.

I’ve been using my Sunday afternoon to catch up on tech blogs, which reminded me of this: there are lots of ways to make a website not very useful, and if it’s something you might need to access from the road, it would be smart to make it mobile-friendly. AAA makes you enter a zip code before you can get any useful information (like the location of their closest office), and the submit button on the form doesn’t work in my phone’s browser, so instead of trying to pick up a free-to-members map, we ended up navigating Arizona by a combination of Google Earth, following road signs, and asking for directions. (Yes, I know we could have purchased a map in any truck stop or grocery store, but I’m cheap, we mostly knew where we were going, and for some reason the rental car didn’t come with anything of the sort.)

I’m just saying, if you’re thinking about doing something really clever or flashy with your website, some of us would like you to consider asking: How badly will this screw over someone with minimal internet access? Am I encouraging people to go elsewhere? There is much to be said in favor of plain old text. Especially for people who’re traveling in places where dial-up is more common than wifi. A cell phone with a web browser can only handle so much.

One response to “And we’re back

  1. Glad you two are back. And sounds like the trip was an overall success. Of all the “must see” destinations that get hyped all the time, the Grand Canyon is the only one I actually found not to be OVER-hyped, and as amazing as what people said. Spectacular. Oh, and as a human that stands over 6’2″, let me just say your America West leg room tale made me cringe. Not spectacular.