I’m surrounded by neon lights

Thanksgiving is over, but right now I’m very thankful for wifi and doughnuts and the rumor that I could get online from the Krispy Kreme on Fremont St. (downtown Vegas, under the big light-up roof) turning out to be entirely correct.

The actual holiday was okay. Let’s stick with “no one got food poisoning, I had the sense to leave the room when they started arguing about who sits where, and northern Arizona is very pretty”. A couple years ago I had a post-holidays dinner so I could cook everything the way I wanted it, because the actual holiday meals (with my family) had been kind of a bust, and I’m thinking about doing that again this year. Maybe I’ll roast something (duck? turkey? lamb? I’m pretty sure I can find happy local farm versions of all of those without too much trouble).

Lucas’ sister has a really nice recipe for stuffing. She makes it with big bread cubes and sausage and cranberries and apples (I fed the sausagey bits to Lucas), and I want to try copying it sometime.

I bet you’ve been waiting to see my pictures of the Grand Canyon, so here you go.

It’s big.

You probably knew that.

We saw a family of deer just hanging out, a few hundred feet from the trail. Didn’t seem to mind us at all.

Lucas and I managed to get a couple of “look, we’re standing in front of a big tourist landmark” pictures without falling in.

The sun set while we were on the train heading back to Williams. Click on the picture above to see it full size (sunsets are prettier that way).

We’re down to our last full day in Vegas. This is okay with me. I’m feeling like the weekend in Laughlin followed by another full weekend in downtown Vegas might be a little too much old people at slot machines. I’m not that into gambling in general, I just like the cheap drinks and people watching and all the rest of the spectacle. But I miss my kitties, and too much sitting around watching other people get wasted and blow their money makes me feel restless to actually do something constructive. So we’ll finish off by wandering around the strip for a while today (it’s really a different crowd and kind of show than downtown), and then come back here for the rest of the night. Maybe I’ll try my luck at blackjack.

I hope you all had a nice turkey day.

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