Arizona the beautiful

I’m in the Beaver Street Brewery in Flagstaff, AZ, which was highly recommended by the guys at the tourist info desk when we asked them for a good brewpub. Good choice.

Lucas and I are doing the new bed every night thing for the first part of our trip. For various reasons (mostly involving not planning very far ahead), we spent the last two nights at different casinos in Laughlin, tonight is the Econo Lodge in Flagstaff, tomorrow the hotel attached to the Grand Canyon Rail Station in Williams, Wednesday and Thursday with his mom in Golden Valley, Friday & Saturday at the El Cortez in Downtown Vegas. I packed light, so this is actually working pretty well. Plus Lucas and I are an experienced traveling team at this point. I’m very happy to be wandering around Arizona with him.

Here’s the highlights so far (pictures below, so if you’re reading this via syndication and you don’t see them, click through to the actual post):

A quick view of the strip on our first day in town:

The slots at the Ramada Express in Laughlin, where we stayed on Saturday:

Laughlin is full of old people who look like the life has been sucked out of them, but I think I was nice enough to not try to document that.

We spent some time on Sunday visiting Lucas’ mom. Here’s her house in Golden Valley:

This is the next lot over:

Lucas’ mom feels like Golden Valley is getting too crowded for her, so she bought land in Chloride, pop. ~250.

[I moved on to the Late For the Train coffee shop a couple of pictures back. Good place for wifi and coffee.]

I have to say, Chloride has a lot more character than Golden Valley, which is a big sprawling network of manufactured homes and trailers with no real center. Chloride has a restaurant where the cowboys and bikers sing karaoke (pretty good voices, too) on Sunday evenings. Don’t go too late, it’s over by 6.

My internet access in Laughlin was limited to what I could get on my cell phone, so we ended up having breakfast at Perkins in Bullhead City (one of those chains like Denny’s or Shari’s etc) on Sunday, because that was the first place that sounded pancakey on Google Local (Bullhead City is just across the river from Laughlin, and seems to have all the non-casino businesses in the area). When Lucas’ family heard this, they said “you went where? No, no, no. Go to the Black Bear Cafe. We drive all the way into Bullhead to eat there.”

So today that’s where we had breakfast:

No real plans for tonight. We’ll probably just hang out and watch football and knit. It’s supposed to get very, very cold overnight.

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