Oh how I love the TSA

After weeks of hearing “You can’t bring liquids on the plane. Wait, now you can. But each item has to be a three ounce container or smaller. And you have to put them in a ziplock bag. No, not a gallon bag. Or a sandwich bag. It has to be a quart-size bag.”–Guess what? They didn’t even look at my stupid little baggie of lip gloss and eye drops. According to the person reading off the rules at the security station, it’s not even 3 ounces now, but 3.4, and I have no idea why that size and not a full 4 ounces, which would have made my contact lens solution within the rules (you can’t purchase a bottle of the type I use that’s less than 4 ounces, and there was no way I was going to check a bag just for that one item, so I brought it anyhow and no one seemed to care).

It’s completely arbitrary. I feel so amazingly safe.

Anyhow, in about an hour I’ll be on my way to Vegas.

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