Poor neglected blog

Work is exhausting. In addition to Rails programming, I took on some of the page layout work, and the project management tasks for the site I’m working on, because essentially we’re understaffed. I really enjoy all of these kinds of work, but because I like what I’m doing, it’s easy to spend so much time on it that I feel worn out. I am trying very hard to keep work from creeping into my weekend and evening down time.

Lucas and I are taking a long Thanksgiving holiday in Arizona and Las Vegas starting on Saturday, and the timing could not be better.

It’s already over a week past the other fall holiday, but here’s what we went as for Halloween:

Lucas is Wayne Rooney. I’m Rincewind the wizzard (but not one person asked why it said that on my hat).

It’s been a good (but too short) weekend. I got two pairs of Doc Martens super cheap at a warehouse sale. I’m listening to a recently purchased copy of Bowie’s “Heroes” album. Sputnik is napping. The whole apartment smells like gouda because I just made a batch of cheese biscuits. In a week I’ll be in Vegas (or at least Laughlin, having flown into the Vegas airport, after which we’ll hang out in Arizona for most of the week, see the Grand Canyon, and come back to Sin City for two nights of cheap drinks, roulette, and taking pictures of drunk tourists and neon signs). And I’m going to a Blazers game tonight.

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