I’m lounging around at home for a couple of days, drinking tea, playing with wool, picking up after the kitten… because I quit my job. I start a new one on Wednesday. Yay!

Somehow I feel like doing anything but work on my Halloween costume, which is of course the only project with a deadline right now. I went fabric shopping, I played video games, I spun several skeins of yarn, I bought underwear, and signed up for a flat rate text messaging plan. I’m a very productive procrastinator.

The kitten has managed to knock over an unbelievable number of things the last few days. It looks like he went through another growth spurt, and I think he’s realized that himself, because things that seemed too high up to jump on are suddenly attracting his attention. The place he’s most interested in is the shelf above the litterboxes (they’re in the office closet), so some of the cleaning up has involved sanitizing things that ended up in the kitty litter. Like half my knitting needles (those were on a bookcase just outside the closet). And a couple of boxes. And the bathroom mats, which were used as a backup potty area after Sputnik blocked access to the actual litter boxes with a large piece of styrofoam board.

Maybe I’ll get started on my costume tomorrow.

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3 responses to “Slacker

  1. Congratulations! Is this new job Rails-related?

  2. Yes, it is. I’ll tell you all about it if you’re at the BarCamp meetup tomorrow.

  3. I’m planning on being there.