It’s Saturday night, Lucas is out of town, and I might be stuck eating apple crisp all by myself. So I signed up for Dodgeball. This won’t really help much, since I don’t know if anyone I know even uses it, but the idea of being able to send out a group ping is pretty neat. Plus I read this week that you can log in with your Google account, which is convenient if you’re already storing half your life on their services like all those people the NYT was talking about.

So if you’re reading this and you’re on there, ping me. It doesn’t look like there are many active users in Portland, though.

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One response to “Ping

  1. Marty set up a Dodgeball system for Norwescon last year. Worked pretty well — though I wish it could be more automated. The lack of geolocating tools on modern cellphones is a crime.