The food cart map has resulted in a few emails now and then from people who saw it somewhere or got an email from a friend, and wanted to say “hey, neato”. This past week I decided to find out just how much traffic the map is actually getting, and where that traffic is coming from.

It’s a bit more popular than I realized.

Since Thursday night, the map has been viewed 52 times. It’s mentioned on Chowhound, Metroblogging Portland, alt.portland, and the Portland Mercury blog. I am really proud to have created something that random strangers find useful.

So I think it may be time for an upgrade. I’d like to expand it outside the downtown area, and I’m open to creating more maps for other cities, if people want to tell me where their favorite carts are. I just need enough location details to find it on Google Maps (“on the north side of SW Taylor, between 2nd and 3rd, about halfway down the block” is usually enough info, but I like to take a quick snapshot to work from later, and if you happen to have a GPS device handy for exact coordinates, that’s even better).

I also think it might be helpful to provide short descriptions or reviews for the different carts, and maybe some additional details like the phone number to call ahead with your order, or the hours they’re open. All of this requires going around to the carts on weekdays, though, and just getting food and walking back consumes most of my lunch hour. I wonder how “I want to take a really long lunch so I can talk to people who run food carts” would go over at work.

If you have suggestions for carts to add, or cool things I could do with the map, please leave a comment.

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  1. That is so awesome Audrey!! Well done!🙂