Lacking motivation

I don’t feel like doing anything right now. I hate it.

I have a sweater pattern due to an editor on September 1st, and I still haven’t gotten past the typing up scribbled notes stage of writing it. There is a substantial amount of work left to do, like making the directions consistent and accurate, and calculating all the different sizes. And I really need a reader to look it over and make sure there aren’t glaring errors, but I don’t know who to ask. Anyone? Knitting and math skills required.

I walked to the store at lunchtime to buy milk. It took me an hour, not because the store is far, but because I walk at a snail’s pace right now. It’s very frustrating to have to move so slowly for any distance. The world creeps by. There’s nothing to do but keep walking. Even when I had fibromyalgia, I moved twice as fast.

Kittens are still cute. Toes are still purple.


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