Limping, day two

I still can’t flex my foot more than a tiny bit. It feels slightly less swollen, though.

I was planning to go to work today, but my crutch skills aren’t good enough to get me to and from the bus, especially since there’s a hill involved. So someone would have to give me a ride both ways, including helping me with the step up into my apartment, and then once I got to work I’d still be stuck, because getting to my desk involves opening two doors that are on the heavy side and lack any kind of assistive functions like automatically opening. Same goes for the bathroom door there. Our office building (or at least my floor) really isn’t set up for people with limited mobility. Earthquake-proof, fireproof, yes. Doors that can be used by people on crutches or in wheelchairs, no. I wonder if the handicapped stall even has proper grab bars.

Me being gone today causes problems for my department, though, because two other people who cover similar tasks are on vacation today, so we’re really shorthanded. In theory it’s possible for us to log in and work from home, but the VPN hates my router. Attempts to get support from the IT department have gone nowhere. I guess they decided it’s my problem if I can’t get it to work, which might make sense if we weren’t talking about being able to cover some rather important business functions here.

So I guess I get to sit around and try to convince the cats that I am not a jungle gym. And hope I don’t have to figure out how to refill the food and water dishes.

I might risk boiling water injuries to make myself a second cup of tea. Our kitchen is small, so there’s got to be some way to make that work, right?


One response to “Limping, day two

  1. Take it from an expert – get yourself a rolling office chair, and use your good foot to propel you through the house. Flooring transitions might be a bit of a pain, but it should work out fine unless there are stairs involved. -Loree